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Daily Responsibilities

-Business meetings
-Account Manager/sales workshops
-Product knowledge training
-Team building exercises

-Meeting face-to-face with qualified consumers
-Educating consumers on the benefits of our client’s services
-Building strong relationships with customers
-Setting up new accounts
-Working alongside other Account Manager representatives

Benefits of the Account Manager position:

-Competitive compensation and performance bonuses

-Travel opportunities to company-sponsored events

-A team-oriented environment that promotes camaraderie and unity

-Promotions are based on merit, not seniority

-Hands-on training and mentorship

Job Requirements

-High school diploma required, college degree preferred

-Interest in working face-to-face with people

-A “go-getter” mentality and a positive attitude

-Desire to move up within the company

-Ability to pass a background check (required by our client)